How MCIF Educates

Educating the Immigrant Population of Brooklyn

Since 1993, the educational programs at MCIF Center have changed and developed due to the evolving needs of the population we serve. While learning the English language remains the most critical element to the success of newcomers to the United States, the needs of the community that MCIF Center serves are diverse. Lack of formal education, a high school degree, and knowledge of technology and business create barriers to these individuals’ dreams for themselves and their families. MCIF Center aims to support the immigrant community in Brooklyn with programs tailored to our participants. The Center provides immigrant women and men the skills they need to live, work, and communicate in their new homeland.

MCIF Center's current adult education programs include:

English as a Second Language (ESL)
GED in Spanish
Citizenship Preparation
Computer Literacy

The majority of our participants live in Community District 4 (CD4). According to the statistics presented in the Brooklyn Neighborhood Report 2012 by the Center for the Study of Brooklyn, the percent of foreign-born individuals in CD4 has increased by 6.8% since 2000. With the increase of immigrants in the community, adult education programs are necessary in order to improve the lives of these individuals and their families.