Learning English in Brooklyn

MCIF Center has provided English as a Second Language (ESL) courses since 1993. While the program began informally on the third floor of a school building in Bushwick, Brooklyn, our ESL curriculum has always focused on the value of our learners’ life experiences as the starting point. Throughout the years, MCIF began to offer more levels of instruction and the program has grown to include five levels of English ranging from Beginner to Advanced, computer-based instruction hours, and individual literacy assistance.

In addition to formal class instruction, MCIF Center enhances our participants’ English education and public speaking skills through English presentations throughout the academic year. Celebrations at the Center include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and International Women’s Day.

Levels of English

Intro (Beginners)
Instructor: Bernadette Levandowski
Literacy Aide: Awilda Heredia

Level 1 (High Beginner)
Instructor: Niger Brown
Literacy Aide: Dulce Pena

Level 2 (Intermediate)
Instructor: Yolanda Iglesias

Level 3 (High Intermediate)
Instructor: Krysta Williams

Level 4 (Advanced)
Instructor: Jessica Levy

ESL Computer Component

Each English class utilizes MCIF Center’s state-of-the-art computer lab with a variety of ESL software programs once per week. Participants learn to navigate the internet while gaining English skills through online activities.

ESL Literacy Component

MCIF participants who have difficulty reading and writing in their own language are able to receive one-on-one assistance with the MCIF Literacy Instructor once per week. The One-On-One Literacy component of the ESL program aims enhance our participants’ ability to read and write in English.

As a pilot program in the ESL program, Level 4 ESL participants visit lower level classrooms to facilitate discussions and lead other exercises. MCIF Center believes that peer teaching/learning is incredibly valuable for both higher and lower level English learners.

Education Beyond the Classroom

The Open Arms Project addresses our participants’ needs outside of the English classroom. Through our partnerships with other community-based organizations and city agencies, our participants obtain valuable knowledge to support their lives in a holistic way. Find out more here.