Niger Brown

Level 1 ESL Instructor

Niger Brown has been teaching ESL at MCIF Center since 2009. Niger received her B.A. from Brooklyn College CUNY with a major in Africana Studies and a concentration in Sociology. She was born in the West Indian community of Flatbush, Brooklyn and spent her earlier pre-teen years living on the island of Trinidad. Her surrounding community and travels have ingrained in her a love for people of other cultures and languages, so her desire to teach ESL came naturally. The best part of teaching for Niger is the rewarding feeling she receives knowing that she contributed to her students’ academic achievements and quality of life, even more so when they thank her with a sincere smile.

Niger’s most enjoyable hobbies include playing the bass guitar, going camping on the beach, surfing, reading tons of science fiction books, cooking meals on the spur of the moment, and socializing with friends.