Dulce Pena

One-on-One Literacy Instructor & Entrepreneurship Instructor

Born in a tiny countryside town named Las Caoba Jamao Moca in the Dominican Republic, Dulce Pena is the second to last child in a family of nine children. Today, she is a mother of three and a proud grandmother of her son’s four beautiful children.

In 1996, Dulce began working at MCIF Center as a Literacy Aide while studying and improving her own English. With the addition of MCIF Works in 1998, Dulce instructed women in sewing, baking, and crafts. Beginning in September 2009, Dulce became the One-on-One Literacy instructor, Intro classroom aide, and Crafts instructor. Affectionately known as “Sweet” at the Center, Dulce is the creative mind behind the Entrepreneurship program, the green thumb at MCIF, and the master of jewelry-making and creating something beautiful out of nothing. Dulce resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn.