Media Mentions

Beyond Focus TV, May 2012
Angie Daniel from Beyond Focus TV, a show on the BCAT network, interviewed Janet Marcic about the founding of the Center, our programs, the importance of U.S. Citizenship, and the need for adult education in Brooklyn. The interview begins at the 5:30 mark.

The Daily News, November 2011
Executive Director Janet Marcic speaks about her journey to becoming the Executive Director of MCIF Center and the need for a permanent space in the Bushwick community.

New York Times, December 2010
MCIF Center commemorates the 30th anniversary of the martyrs’ deaths with an original oratorio by composer and writer Elizabeth Swados.

New York Times, December 2007
Ruth Ford, the niece of Ita Ford, MM, becomes the new Executive Director of the Center.

New York Times, December 2000
MCIF Center Founder, Mary Burns, SC speaks about the 20th anniversary of the martyrs’ deaths and the opera “Missionaries” by Elizabeth Swados.