About MCIF

Adult Education in Brooklyn

Founded by Sister Mary Burns, SC in 1993, MCIF Center provides educational programs to the women and men of Brooklyn. MCIF participants attend the Center to learn English, enhance their education, prepare for their GED in Spanish, gain computer literacy skills, practice for their Citizenship exam, and create opportunities for a better future.

MCIF Center's Goals in Adult Education

Through our established educational programs and our collaboration with community-based organizations, we provide our participants the opportunity to better their lives through education and self-development. With an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement among the staff and participants, MCIF Center participants are able to:

Improve their English
Advance their overall level of education by obtaining their GED
Acquire marketable skills in technology
Discover ways to financially support their families
Strengthen their active participation in their community and become U.S. citizens
Support their children’s education and increase their knowledge of community resources

With more diverse knowledge and education, MCIF participants expand their access to employment paths that will lead them out of poverty. Our aim is to improve not only our participants’ abilities in literacy and communication, but also their overall quality of life through instilling self-worth and confidence.